This is my humble attempt to share useful information, present alternate ideas and inspire original thought in an effort to help people transform their approach to life, hopefully leading to a more productive, creative and stress-free existence.

The current paradigm is broken in so many ways, on so many levels and inhibits us from making the most of our lives. Relearn, rethink, reinvent. Discover the alternatives and break through the manipulation, fear and deception.

There are many ways to avoid the system, get around the system and defy the system. But there are also many ways to improve our lives by simply paying more attention and thinking through things instead of just going through the motions.

Let’s try this together. Let’s look at everything from the food we eat, to the medicine we use; the way we drive and how we use transportation; how we manage money and our understanding of what money is; how we use our time and who we spend time with; what we focus our energy and emotion on and where our potential truly lies.

I hope this will open your eyes and help you to find your own paradigm to live within.

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19th June 2014

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Are you going through Game of Thrones withdrawal?!?!?

No prob, Goat of Thrones is here to help!

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19th June 2014

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My buddy composed this parody for the Wil Wheaton Project. Pretty fockin high-larious!

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8th June 2014

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Oh, happy birthday to everyone celebrating in June.
If you’re lucky, maybe goats will crash you party too!

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5th June 2014

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How Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 8, The Mountain and The Viper, should have ended…

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2nd June 2014

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Congressman Yells At White House Drug Official For Refusing To Answer A Simple Marijuana Question

Wanna know why the government is failing to educate people about the dangers of marijuana? Because they can’t seem to admit that some of their previous stances were wrong. They should have congressional hearings in the principal’s office more often.

Stuck in their old ways, stubborn to the point of stupidity. It’s frustrating living in a country run by corrupt illogical people.

Tagged: marijuanadrug warillogicallogiccorruptionpolitical corruptioncorrupt governmentvideoearl blumenauereducationbroken system

31st May 2014

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All y’all who are graduating…  kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school…  OR even college/university! 

CONGRATS! You are now equal to a goat.

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31st May 2014

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Super impressive fan-made trailer for Episode VII by Francesco Siro Brigiano!

This really sets an amazing tone for what might be…







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Source: alwaysstarwars

28th May 2014


Ok everyone! It’s time to kickstart Reading Rainbow!!!

Brent Spiner FTW!

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22nd May 2014

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For anyone who played in high school band, this should certainly give you nightmares, regardless of how nice your music instructor was. 

From the Sundance hit, Whiplash. 

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21st May 2014

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A special message from J.J. Abrams from the set of Star Wars Episode VII.







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