This is my humble attempt to share useful information, present alternate ideas and inspire original thought in an effort to help people transform their approach to life, hopefully leading to a more productive, creative and stress-free existence.

The current paradigm is broken in so many ways, on so many levels and inhibits us from making the most of our lives. Relearn, rethink, reinvent. Discover the alternatives and break through the manipulation, fear and deception.

There are many ways to avoid the system, get around the system and defy the system. But there are also many ways to improve our lives by simply paying more attention and thinking through things instead of just going through the motions.

Let’s try this together. Let’s look at everything from the food we eat, to the medicine we use; the way we drive and how we use transportation; how we manage money and our understanding of what money is; how we use our time and who we spend time with; what we focus our energy and emotion on and where our potential truly lies.

I hope this will open your eyes and help you to find your own paradigm to live within.

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24th March 2014

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Such a kickass promo for the final season of MadMen. I love how this series has evolved from a more muted and monochrone feel of the early 60s to this vibrantly colorful and progressive time period.

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3rd March 2014

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After You’ve Gone

This episode made me feel so much..

This show is unreal, so damn good, so well developed and executed. 

Here’s a great write-up on last night’s episode by Joanna Robinson for VF Hollywood.

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30th December 2013

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Holy shit, a week from tomorrow!!!

Holy shit, a week from tomorrow!!!

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22nd December 2013

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Sundays are for Game of Thrones…  not long.

Sundays are for Game of Thrones…  not long.

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15th December 2013

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Sunday is for Game of Thrones!

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1st December 2013

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Sunday is for Game of Thrones…  no matter what time of year it is.

Lion by Klaus Wiese

Raven by Kinga Sorbán

Stag by James Morris

Lone Wolf by Colleen Dubois

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18th November 2013

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Game of Thrones…  Season IV is coming!

Photo credits:

Wolf by Rachel Lauren

Lion by Miguel Angel Junquera

Stag by Simon Roy

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12th November 2013

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5th November 2013


Trailer for the Syfy original series, Helix, starring Billy Campbell. Written and produced by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (OKBJGM).

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13th August 2013

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