This is my humble attempt to share useful information, present alternate ideas and inspire original thought in an effort to help people transform their approach to life, hopefully leading to a more productive, creative and stress-free existence.

The current paradigm is broken in so many ways, on so many levels and inhibits us from making the most of our lives. Relearn, rethink, reinvent. Discover the alternatives and break through the manipulation, fear and deception.

There are many ways to avoid the system, get around the system and defy the system. But there are also many ways to improve our lives by simply paying more attention and thinking through things instead of just going through the motions.

Let’s try this together. Let’s look at everything from the food we eat, to the medicine we use; the way we drive and how we use transportation; how we manage money and our understanding of what money is; how we use our time and who we spend time with; what we focus our energy and emotion on and where our potential truly lies.

I hope this will open your eyes and help you to find your own paradigm to live within.

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6th September 2014

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Miss the “old sound” of F1? Here’s my recap video of our weekend in Monza for the 2013 Gran Premio d’Italia! Crank it up, sounds SOOO good!!!

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8th April 2014

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Check out these cool prints you can get from my TS13 Creative Society6 store.

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18th March 2014

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Fernando Alonso during a walk through Dubai. 
Cool picture!

Fernando Alonso during a walk through Dubai. 

Cool picture!

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14th March 2014

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Australian GP 2014


F1 2014 IS HERE! This is my team, long time Alonso fan, big time Kimi fan. Forza Ferrari!!!

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15th January 2014

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My vote.

My vote.

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13th January 2014

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Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 2014

Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 2014

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15th December 2013

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Sundays are for F1! Only 90 more days to go!
Get this print of Fernando Alonso at the 2013 F1 Gran Premio d’Italia at TS13 Creative’s Society6 store.

Sundays are for F1! Only 90 more days to go!

Get this print of Fernando Alonso at the 2013 F1 Gran Premio d’Italia at TS13 Creative’s Society6 store.

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31st October 2013

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We love Kimi Räikkönen!!! 

We love Kimi Räikkönen!!! 

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24th October 2013

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Some candid 35mm film photos I got of Alonso post Q3 at the Italian Grand Prix. 

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3rd October 2013


Fernando Alonso - 2013 Formula 1 Gran Premio d’Italia

Fernando Alonso by Tim Sexton on
Fernando Alonso by Tim Sexton

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